The Farm Bill

Farming for the Future:

A Sustainable Agriculture Agenda

For the 2013 Food & Farm Bill

The 2013 Farm Bill debates are underway, and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is fighting for better food and farm policy.  The perfect storm of economic, environmental, and health crises currently gripping our nation demands decisive farm policy reform that will ensure a sustainable future for American agriculture.

NSAC’s farm bill proposals will expand opportunities for family farmers to produce good food, sustain the environment, and contribute to vibrant communities.  NSAC’s farm bill proposals are the culmination of two years of policy work within its broad, diverse coalition of over 90 grassroots organizations from across the country.

A farm policy modeled on NSAC’s policy platform will:

In addition to these top priorities, NSAC is also working to restore integrity and fiscal responsibility in farm policy, equip America’s rural communities for economic growth and prosperity, and preserve our natural resources while improving the farm safety net.

We can’t win this fight alone — join us and take action to create a sustainable food and farm bill!

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